Travel Clinic

We can provide current information on vaccination requirements and administer most vaccines for the more common destinations at the Medical Centre.

To provide a comprehensive assessment of your needs we need you to provide certain information about yourself and your proposed trip.  Please complete an online travel form for each traveller. This includes  Children. We know that this form does ask  a lot of information but this will speed up the process of booking your vaccination appointments. 

Non-urgent advice: Please note

Although the form states that we will respond by the end of the next working day for these type of requests it takes a little longer especially if we need to check your vaccination history.  Please contact Reception a minimum of 5 days after you return it to the Medical Centre.

Alternatively you can pick up a form at Reception and return it there.

We can then advise about necessary vaccinations and antimalarials.  A full course of treatment can take up to 8 weeks so give as much notice as possible, preferably between 6-8 weeks ahead of your journey.  If your trip is ‘last minute’ there may not be time to complete all the necessary vaccinations but we will advise you accordingly.

If you are travelling to multiple destinations for more than 4 weeks please contact us first before completing a travel form, provide a contact number and one of our Nurses will telephone you to discuss further. You can either contact us by phone on 01689 850012 or you will find it much easier online by using the ‘I want Administrative Help’ section of our online eConsult portal.

We suggest all travellers visit the NaTHNac  Travel website. This is commissioned by Public Health England and is an excellent resource which provides advice about vaccinations for the country you are visiting as well as a whole host of general travel advice.  Use the ‘Country Information’ tab to see requirements for the country you are visiting. It may be that you don’t need any vaccinations if  your journey is within Europe and/or to one of the popular holiday destinations.

Most vaccinations are provided free of charge on the NHS but some special cases are outside these arrangements and you will have to pay a fee.  This includes anti-malarial medication and certain vaccines such as Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever and Japanese B Encephalitis. If you require some of the rarer vaccinations you may need to visit a commercial Travel clinic. There are several available locally. We will advise you.

Our Travel Clinic is only available to patients who are  registered at the Medical Centre.