How best to use our Appointments system

Our advice about how to use the Appointments system effectively

We know it is sometimes frustrating trying to make an appointment to see a Doctor. Difficulty trying to get through on the phone, no appointment when you want it! The demand for appointments rises year on year but over the years the NHS GP Service has not been funded to meet this increased demand as Health needs grow. We are doing all we can to help. During August 2020 we are introducing a new telephone system with features that we hope will reduce the frustration and enable you to jump the queue if you require something other than an appointment. You’ll also know where you are in the queue to speak to the Receptionist.

However you can help us and yourself by considering other ways of consulting which are almost always much quicker than seeing a Doctor face to face. 

The COVID experience has told us that many of your problems can be dealt with by a Telephone, Video or On-line consultation without actually seeing your Doctor. Indeed over 90% of consultations were dealt with in this way during the height of the COVID crisis and the feedback we received from Patients was very positive.  It is our intention to continue to provide a substantial number of telephone, video and online consultations and reduce the number of face to face consultations although face to face appointments will of course still be available if needed.

It is also surprisingly easy to get an appointment at weekends with one of the local Extended Access GP Hubs. Although this won’t be with one of the GSGMC doctors (usually) it will be with another local GP who has full access to all your medical records and can prescribe and refer you as normal.