Sickness Certificates

Sick certificate/Fit Note Requests

Have you been ill for LESS than 7 days (including weekends and bank holidays)?

If you have been ill for less than 7 days you do not need to see a Doctor but can complete a Self-certificate form yourself.  You should then return it to your Employer. Some Employers insist on a Doctor’s note despite advice to the contrary from the Government and in these circumstances we may make a charge. In this situation you can request a private certificate via the Admin section of our on-line eConsult Portal. 

Have you been ill for MORE than 7 days (including weekends and bank holidays)

If you have had the illness for more than 7 days (including weekends and bank holidays) then you will need a certificate. Your Doctor may be able to issue this without seeing you if you have been seen in another Healthcare location (for example a hospital or clinic or Physio) but only if we have a letter on your records. The quickest and easiest way to contact us is online using the ‘I want Administrative help’ section of our  eConsult Portal. The online form takes 2 minutes to complete and we will respond by the end of the next working day at the latest, often sooner. If we can provide the certificate it will be emailed or texted direct to you.

The Doctor will review the information you supply and if we need to see you first before issuing the certificate we will notify you promptly.

I’ve already had a certificate for this illness and just require an Extension as I’m not well enough to return to work

As above your Doctor may be able to issue this without seeing you. Please request this using the ‘I want administrative help’ section of our on-line eConsult Portal

Whilst you can also telephone Reception on 01689 850012 to request certificates you will avoid delays in getting through to the Medical Centre and receive your certificate much faster if you make the request online.

Do I need a note saying I’m fit for work?

No. You do not need to see your GP again to be ‘signed back to work’.